Throughout this past semester, I learned how to write for various media outlets. From blogging to writing PSAs to writing press kits and – finally – to writing podcasts. These different sources require entirely different skills, as they all attract viewers through appealing to different senses. For instance, radio relies heavily on audio, whereas PSAs and films rely heavily on action and the visual components of the story. Below, please find links to my projects – aside from my blogs – that display my thorough understanding of writing for various types of mediums.


PSA Spot Script –

Treatment & Logline                     

Use: Immediate

Time: 30 seconds

Agency: First Book

Title: “Ignite Illiteracy”

IGNITE ILLITERACY: A PSA produced by First Book where three diverse, relatable individuals throw away – rather than donate – their used books, which in turn puts a large group of adults and children behind bars in jail.

A Harvard Law graduate, a mother, and an old man are cleaning out their bookshelves. As they toss their unwanted books into their respective trashcans, the trashcan lid closes and turns into a jail cell door. Behind the jail cell door are a group of adults and children, looking forlorn and helpless. Next, some statistics appear that compliment the imagery in highlighting the correlation between illiteracy and crime in the United States. This PSA suggests that every time someone throws away his or her books, fewer Americans have access to literature, and, thus, fewer Americans are functionally literate. The log line, “Fight crime by donating one book at a time,” encourages viewers to donate their used books to First Book so that they reach people in need in order to reverse this terrible trend.


Final Project –

Treatment & Logline                     

Use: Immediate

Time: 23 minutes

Title: “Pilot”

PILOT: A podcast of the first episode of ABC’s Modern Family that introduces viewers to the three main families through coverage of their everyday lives with periodic, mockumentary-style interviews of the individual characters.

A cameraman follows around and periodically interviews three separate families that are all part of one extended family, the Pritchett Family. She initially trails Claire’s household, where Claire is making breakfast. When she calls her three children down to eat, she learns that Haley is wearing an inappropriate school outfit, Luke’s head is stuck in the banister, and Alex just is along for the crazy ride. Luke later accidentally shoots Alex with his BB gun, and Haley invites her love interest, Dylan, over to the house. Meanwhile, Gloria and her new husband Jay are cheering on their uncoordinated son, Manny, in his soccer game. After the game, Manny heads to the mall to declare his love for his high school crush, only to be rejected. On the other end of the world, Mitchell and Cameron are on an airplane in Vietnam with their newly adopted daughter, Lilly, who is now ready to be brought to home. In the end of the episode, all three families convene at Mitchell’s house, where Mitchell and Cameron reveal the newest addition to their family.


Press Kit Project –

In an effort to promote my personal blog, Food Coma in Roma, I sent a press kit to the founders of The Infatuation and asked them to feature my blog’s coverage of the Pizza World Festival on their website.