I Like To Moovenda Moovenda

Here I go again, playing with song lyrics. The title of this blog is a play on the lyrics in the song “I Like To Move It,” except this blog is for those people who prefer to do anything but “move it.”

In my last blog, The Truth About Cheat Days, I catered to American stereotypes: obesity and laziness. Of course not all Americans fit these characterizations, but we all do have our fat and lazy days.

Now that I have justified the occasional cheat day, I have another sweet recommendation to throw your way! There is a website called Moovenda that offers its delivery services in Rome and Milan (in case you are traveling).

With Moovenda, you can choose between a wide variety of restaurants to order anything you want, from wine to salmon to pizza to tiramisu and more! The company’s efficient and friendly workers deliver your food right to your doorstep at the exact time that you selected.

I have found that Moovenda is incredibly speedy and reliable. How speedy you might ask? Well, the other day I ordered an acai bowl, and it arrived before the bowl had even melted! This acai bowl was not from Acai and Friends like I had previously recommended, but it was just as delicious and still offers all the same health benefits!

This food delivery website is perfect for Sunday nights when many restaurants are closed and when you are tired (possibly still fighting through a hangover) from an active weekend.

It is also perfect for days when we are not so lazy. Moovenda can deliver to your office on a busy work day or to the library when you are cranking out the last couple pages of that essay that is due in two hours. Whatever your situation, Moovenda is there!

So when you are really not in the mood or do not have the time to cook or to go through the whole ordeal of eating out, give Moovenda a shot! You will not be disappointed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 3.08.57 PM


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