The Truth About Cheat Days

Sometimes, I just NEED my good ole American food. Can you sympathize? Rome does not offer a lot of variety in food, and a taste of home can do wonders in terms of making you feel comfortable in a foreign place.

The other day, I stumbled upon T-Bone in Trastevere, and it has everything that us “fat” Americans love to consume in large amounts. It even caters to our laziness by delivering right to your front door!

I’m talking about steaks, burgers, onion rings, mashed potatoes, nachos, cheesy fries, etc. Sounds like heaven, I know. And, it even tastes like heaven!

I realize that I have been preaching that everyone should commit to a healthy diet, but it is also okay to splurge. In fact, Kevin Hall of the National Institute of Health conducted a study that shows that a person can vary his or her food intake by plus or minus 600 calories without affecting his or her weight.


First, the important thing is to maintain a healthy long-term average caloric intake. As long as you are committed to a lower-calorie, healthy diet most of the time, a cheat day will not kill all your progress.

Second, people are likely to compensate for their splurge days by under-eating the following day or two, resulting in an insignificant net gain.

As long as T-Bone’s waiters never learn to recognize you and their deliverymen never learn your address, I think you’ll be in good shape.

t-bone-station squisito-hamburger-eccezionale


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