Munch a Little Here, Munch a Little There

In the United States, we are accustomed to portion sizes that are twice that of our faces at every meal. In Italy, taking this approach can be very dangerous, as it will more often than not lead to a serious food coma that will impede your ability to explore the city (among other things).

So let me propose to you an alternative way to enjoying Italian food: instead of eating three meals per day, eat FIVE!

Yup, I just told you to eat more meals per day in order to avoid gaining weight. However, I do not mean to advice you to eat five meals that are twice the size of your face. Try five meals that are more snack size.

Eating five meals per day will not only allow you to efficiently taste all the food variety that Rome has to offer, but it will also keep your body in prime shape. Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism going in addition to helping you resist unhealthy food cravings. It also keeps your energy levels up so you can bop around the city to appreciate the beautiful sites.

It is important to remember, however, that this diet plan only works if you avoid “junk” foods, such as processed foods and sugary drinks. Lucky for you, Italians prioritize quality over quantity – unlike the United States – and their all-carb diet is the perfect way to fill you up without dragging you down.

Sticking to this plan also shouldn’t be too difficult and will actually help you adapt to the Roman way. Most Italians eat dinner at around 9:30pm, and snacking throughout the day will allow you to reach this point without going crazy and wanting to eat your hand.

Give it a shot! I promise I won’t let you down.


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