It’s Time to Let Your Ice Cub Dreams Melt Away

Upon arriving in Rome, one of the first things I noticed was that I felt perpetually thirsty. And, to my disappointment, every single restaurant I walk into serves water without ice, and I could drink lukewarm water for the rest of my life and never feel that my thirst has been quenched.

But, I wouldn’t DARE ask for ice in my water – there is really no better way to irritate your waiter (except maybe asking for the wifi password…).

Well, I recently stumbled upon an article that immediately converted me not to team lukewarm water, but to team hot water. I even threw away my ice tray!

Contrary to my initial feelings, hot water actually does hydrate you. Hydration is key to a healthy body, as it helps your kidneys flush away waste products and provides a medium for your body’s metabolic processes.

Hot water offers many more benefits, too!

First, drinking hot water helps you to maintain your current weight because it increases your body temperature, which in turn slightly raises your metabolic rate. Dr. Michael Wald, Director of Nutritional Services at Integrated Medicine and Nutrition, says that hot water may also increase your metabolic rate to the point where it even causes you to shed some pounds, but this potential effect is still part of ongoing studies.

Second, consuming hot water is crucial to your general wellness. It may reduce the number of infections that you suffer because boiled water kills off bacterial organisms. Hot water also dissolves phlegm, which clears your sinuses and diminishes soar throats. Drinking hot water also causes you to sweat, which releases bad toxins from your body.

Finally, many people even find drinking hot water to be pleasurable. When consumed, it travels down your throat to the receptors in your mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines, stimulating the pleasure centers in your brain.

Here’s one additional bonus for all the ladies reading my blog – hot water can help lessen your menstrual cramps! The heat calms your abdominal muscles, causing them to relax and not spasm.

So, after you trek through the narrow streets of Rome and arrive at a restaurant desperate for water, try to ignore your American ice-craving instincts and enjoy the benefits of lukewarm and hot water.

Trust me – unlike the situation with ice, the Italians won’t mind if you ask for coffee or tea.


Munch a Little Here, Munch a Little There

In the United States, we are accustomed to portion sizes that are twice that of our faces at every meal. In Italy, taking this approach can be very dangerous, as it will more often than not lead to a serious food coma that will impede your ability to explore the city (among other things).

So let me propose to you an alternative way to enjoying Italian food: instead of eating three meals per day, eat FIVE!

Yup, I just told you to eat more meals per day in order to avoid gaining weight. However, I do not mean to advice you to eat five meals that are twice the size of your face. Try five meals that are more snack size.

Eating five meals per day will not only allow you to efficiently taste all the food variety that Rome has to offer, but it will also keep your body in prime shape. Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism going in addition to helping you resist unhealthy food cravings. It also keeps your energy levels up so you can bop around the city to appreciate the beautiful sites.

It is important to remember, however, that this diet plan only works if you avoid “junk” foods, such as processed foods and sugary drinks. Lucky for you, Italians prioritize quality over quantity – unlike the United States – and their all-carb diet is the perfect way to fill you up without dragging you down.

Sticking to this plan also shouldn’t be too difficult and will actually help you adapt to the Roman way. Most Italians eat dinner at around 9:30pm, and snacking throughout the day will allow you to reach this point without going crazy and wanting to eat your hand.

Give it a shot! I promise I won’t let you down.

We Found Organic in a Carb Place

It’s like your stomach’s grumbling, and no one can hear

You almost feel ashamed

That some food could be that important

That without organic food, you feel like a piece of lard

No one will understand how much you crave it

You feel hopeless; like no restaurant can save you

And then it’s here, right in front of you

You almost wish you could have all that pizza back

So that you could enjoy the unhealthy

Fresh fruit and vegetables in the light

Now we’re standing in front of Ginger

As your “high quality gastronomy” crosses my plate

What it takes to come alive

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny it

But I’ve gotta have this organic food

We found GINGER in a pizza place

We found GINGER in a pasta place

We found GINGER in a gelato place

We found GINGER in Rome

Shine a light through an open door

You will see Piazza di Spagna

Can’t turn away because it’s so famous

See the Spanish Steps in my mind

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny it

But I’ve gotta have this organic food

We found GINGER in a pizza place

We found GINGER in a pasta place

We found GINGER in a gelato place

We found GINGER in Rome

Salads, baguettes, and smoothies in the light

Now I’m seeing fresh juice and fish

As we’re eating near John Keat’s house

We found GINGER in a pizza place

We found GINGER in a pasta place

We found GINGER in a gelato

We found GINGER in Rome

We found GINGER in a pizza place

We found GINGER in a pasta place

We found GINGER in a gelato place

We found GINGER in Rome

Original Song:

Location of Ginger:

Via Borgognona 43/44 – 00187 Roma

Tel. Fax +39 06.960.363.90       +39 06.699.408.36

**Delivery Coming Soon


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.41.17 PM

HIIT: Making the Impossible Possible

Let’s be real: behind all those gym memberships, all those FitBits, all those spin classes, is a person who desperately wants to be sitting in their bed shoving pizza and gelato in their faces.

Well, HIIT (High Intensity Training) can cut your workout in half while being just as effective and – dare I say it – FUN.

HIIT involves alternating between intense workout periods that boost your heart rate and rest periods of recovery. This type of workout can easily be modified to accommodate any fitness level and any location. For instance, you can train on a treadmill, on an elliptical, on a bike, or even along the Tiber River.

HIIT is far more efficient than traditional workouts, meaning you can cut your gym time in half, and adding variety to your exercise routine will make the time fly.

First: Efficiency.

HIIT is incredibly efficient. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (2011), a mere two weeks of HIIT boosts your aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of traditional workouts. In other words, 15 minutes of HIIT will improve your fitness as much as running for one long hour on the treadmill.

How is this possible?

Well, HIIT helps you to lose weight as opposed to muscle, which is what you lose during steady cardio routines. It also boosts your body’s production of HGH (human growth hormone) by up to 450% in the 24 hours AFTER your HIIT workout, so you will keep burning off those calories even after the workout is over.

Second: Fun.

Your HIIT program will be over before you know it. The variety involved will distract you from the hard work you are actually doing. You will find that you no longer try to control the distance or the time on the treadmill with your brain because you are so focused on sticking to the quick changes in the HIIT program.

As if HIIT isn’t good enough already…. Fitness professionals advise that people only do HIIT 3-4 times per week because it is so intense.

You body will thank you, and so will your wallet when you quit signing up for traditional workout classes.

Go ahead – give HIIT a shot! If anything, it’s another way to justify all that gelato. 🙂

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