Gelato vs. Ice Cream: Who Would Win in a Dessert Showdown?

What’s cold, colorful, and common in Rome? Here’s a hint: by “common,” I mean it can be found absolutely EVERYWHERE.

Yup, I’m talking about gelato! As if the all-carb diet wasn’t tempting enough, there are gelato shops to tempt you on every block.

With the well being of my blog as justification, I have stopped at an inordinate number of gelaterias. Through trial and error, it as become clear that certain gelaterias are superior to others.

In my – as well as Trip Advisor’s – opinion, the clear winner is (drum roll please)… Gelateria Frigidarium! This spot is a tiny little hole in the wall that is easy to miss if it weren’t for the endless line outside.

Frigidarium has a plethora of gelato flavors that are whipped up right behind the counter in the small kitchen, and they are uniquely smooth, rich and creamy. The gelato can be served in a cup, in a waffle cone, on a waffle, in a crepe, dipped in dark chocolate sauce, or topped with whipped cream.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Maybe you’re drooling? Stick with me for a little longer – it gets better.

For most Americans, the go-to frozen dessert is ice cream. You may think that gelato’s richer flavor means it’s worse for your body than ice cream, but that is not the reality.

Gelato is actually less fattening than ice cream because, unlike ice cream, gelato is made with more milk than it is cream. The difference is drastic: ice cream tends to have approximately twice as much fat as gelato.

A high milk content also means fewer calories. On average, ice cream has 100 more calories than does gelato.

The result? No widespread obesity problem.

The reason, then, that gelato tastes richer and creamer than ice cream can be explained by two factors. First, a cup of Frigidarium’s delicacy has less air content than does ice cream. Second, gelato does not saturate human taste buds as much as ice cream, meaning that the flavor sensation is more intense. Gelato, subsequently, is a far more satisfying way to meet your sugar craving.

I think you can now begin to see how I have justified stopping at practically every gelateria I pass by…

Irish Coffee, Dark Chocolate, and After Eight
Irish Coffee, Dark Chocolate, and After Eight

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